Go home, Gone Home

From the title of the game to the ominous application logo, I thought for sure that I was going to find myself playing a horror game. Judging from the intro of the game, I didn’t think I was far off. Wandering on an old porch with a huge thunderstorm overhead, made me nervous that someone was going to jump out at me at any moment. The first note on the door didn’t make that fear disappear. Where had my sister gone? Was there a murder? What was awaiting me in the house?

As I walked into the house, the eeriness did not escape me (and didn’t until the end). One thing that really impressed me with this game is the attention to detail through sound. My footsteps that were heard on the old, creaky floor made me believe that someone was following me the entire time. The thunder and rain from outside caused me to jump at every corner of the already dark house. What was especially unnerving to me were the televisions that were left on. This only further convinced me that someone else was in the house. The sounds in this game truly made my experience more real, but at the same time, made my reaction to the end, one of disappointment.

The entire game I expected to be surprised something. The music and setting and lighting made it seem like at the end, I would come to a huge conclusion. But I didn’t. All of that work for a simple solution. Why didn’t Sam just tell me in the beginning? My whole experience was picking up random objects in hopes of putting the puzzle together. While intriguing in the beginning, after a while it became rather annoying to walk around trying to figure out what to pick up and what was important. Maybe part of the reason why I did not find it entertaining was because I am used to more fast paced, stimulating games. Though I wasn’t the biggest fan, I don’t discourage people from trying this game out and doing something out of his or her comfort zone.

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