Life’s a Fiasco

This class continually surprises me. There was no way I would enjoy playing video games every week, but I do now. I didn’t think I could create a podcast, but now I have produced one with over eighty views. Most recently, I didn’t think a role playing game would be fun, but how wrong I was. Unlike other tabletop role playing games, Fiasco focuses on storytelling and a collaboration among the players. With only a couple of tips to get you going, it is completely up to you to create your very own Fiasco.

The gaming experience was interesting. Unlike my classmates who all played amongst each other, I played with my family at home. It was difficult to start in the beginning because I was playing with people who were not as invested in the game as I was nor were required to be. I was apprehensive as to how it would all turn out. I ended up playing with my brother and friend Willi. With some storytelling madness and inside jokes in mind, Diego and Willi became drug friends who ran a drug circle together, Willi and I became friends with benefits, and I attempted to enact revenge on my former coworker Diego. Our story was one of total revenge. As the driving force behind our whole story, I did everything I could to try to put Diego behind bars for making me lose my job. I was very interested in the progression of my own character instead of developing the whole story. In simplest terms, Diego was jealous of my progress at work and, using his drug lord connections, planted marijuana at my work place which eventually led to my termination. Finding out that Diego and Willi knew each other, I planned to use Willi who was enamored with me to get close to Diego and murder him. At first, I thought I was going to be successful in carrying out my plan; keep in mind that I really had to set things up and keep the ball rolling. Eventually though, Willi and Diego threw the game some curve balls. I was impressed. In the end, I was really proud of the story we crafted. One of my biggest problems when trying to write poetry or short stories or even painting is not knowing where to start or where to draw inspiration from. I appreciated that we were given freedom in choosing how the story played out but were given some starting points. It was just a matter of putting it all together. This experience really gave me insight on the writing process as a whole; it made me realize how every character is important for a story.

During the whole game, I mainly looked out for myself. I consistently made choices that would advance my character’s story without regard to anyone else. As the mastermind behind the whole story, I took it upon myself to try and make things happen as I wish. Throughout this process I definitely achieved the learning outcome of rhetorical composition. I learned to write a story using a game instead of a keyboard. It was weird in the beginning, but I really got into it. It was different than other things I have done in this class because I was collaborating with real people and trying to come up with an interesting story. Overall, I really enjoyed this experience.





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