New Year, New Things to Try

This class has been a series of firsts for me. First English class not reading books, first time playing so many video games, first time creating a podcast. Creating my own podcast is something I never thought I would do. My first experience with a podcast was listening to the Yogcast and their famous series of YoGPoDs. The quite comical duo of Simon and Lewis kept me laughing until night’s end. Now here I am having just recorded my first podcast.

It was an interesting experience to say the least. Firstly, I hate listening to my own voice. “Do I really sound like that in public?” is a question I kept asking myself throughout this whole thing. But that wasn’t even the biggest concern. The most important thing Billie and I had to do was play the game and pick what we wanted to say about it. Talking about a game for five minutes isn’t something that necessarily captures an audience so we as the producers needed to have something of sustenance or an argument in our podcast. We both decided that because Cibele is a game that is intended for a female audience, that it would be interesting to get a male perspective on it. It was quite interesting to record my friend and see how different our opinions of the game were.

I think I achieved the learning outcome of collaboration. Billie and I didn’t really know each other before this class so it was great getting to know her and working on this project. I took care of the male interview and equipment while she wrote down our main objectives of the game and recorded our intro. Though we’re only the second podcast in this series, Billie and I tried to make our podcast more lively and personable compared to the first one. Together, I think we created a good podcast and I’m proud of our work.

To my peers, I would recommend that you start early! You may think you have a direction you want to go in but that may change completely as you’re working through it. Also, have fun with it. It’s a good opportunity to have your voice and opinion heard by others in a media form that is new for most of us. This assignment has pushed me to try new things and I’ve learned that video games aren’t so different from books after all.

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